Lifting Higher and Higher

Working a farm or ranch is honest work. It’s good work. It’s deeply American work. And it’s profoundly hard work. From working those fields and caring for that livestock, farmers and ranchers work long, hard, but profoundly satisfying days.

Beyond the strength of their own backs and the tirelessness of their calloused hands, these folks need tools, mechanical tools. They need tractors and baler and a hay spear kit on their pick-up truck.

Baling and moving hay can be incredibly labor-intensive, and time-consuming. Workers can expend a tremendous amount of their workday energy. Days can be lost in the work.

hay spear kit

Tools like the hay spear kit can do the work of several tools, all at once. They can also do the work of many people.  Hay spear kits make farm work more productive.  They also make farm work safer, as well. They can lift large bales of hay a great number of workers would have had to lift in the past. They can free those folks to do other work. They can remove the factor of human error, and most importantly, human injury when it comes to the critical work of the lifting and the transport of hay bales.

We count on our farmers and ranchers. We count on them for the food we eat. From the produce in our salads to the oats in our cereal; from the steak on the grill to the beef in the soup, our farmers and ranchers feed us. These good people keep us alive.

It behoofs us all to keep our farmers and ranchers safe. It benefits us all for them to work more efficiently, and effectively, as well.

Gone are the days of scythes and pitchforks and horse-drawn wagons. Like the rest of the world, farms are mechanical.