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The First 5G Phones Are Around the Corner

With many mobile companies in the United States and other countries making a push for 5G networks, it appears mobile phone manufacturers are also responding. The first proper 5G phones are around the corner.

Samsung and LG Promise 5G Phones

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Two major phone manufacturers, LG and Samsung, have announced they will be releasing 5G capable phones in early 2019. The issue with a 5G network is not just the infrastructure required to operate it, but the devices that can use it too.

5G Phones Require New Technology

The modem and other technology that is required to support 5G within a smartphone must be changed. Current phones, no matter how advanced or expensive, will not be able to support 5G networks. It is why Samsung and LG will have to go through a lot of research and development to create their first 5G phones.

5G Infrastructure

It will require a big effort from everyone involved to get 5G off the ground. When it comes to the network, devices such as the hybrid coupler and others must be of the adequate standard. Then it is a question of building a network that can handle the scale of users who will want to use 5G speeds on their phones.

Faster Speeds, But Other Compromises?

There are always issues when a new mobile technology comes into the picture. It was the same when 4G LTE was on the rise. Mobile phones that support 5G will have those much faster speeds, but there may be other compromises.

For instance, phones may be slightly bigger to fit all the antennas and other components required for a proper 5G connection. Batteries may have to be larger too. Some are worried that sustaining a 5G connection will take a heavier toll on batteries compared to existing 4G LTE networks.