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Global Evaporation & Coating Equipment Service Highlight

As a result of affirmative responses to global requests for service that include inspection, maintenance, repair and installation work (all in that order) over two hundred systems have been designed, manufactured and installed. The business of supplying industrial clients the world over with their coating and evaporation equipment continues to encompass a massive variety of industry applications.

evaporation equipment

Here is just a brief taste of the types of equipment that a leading global designer, manufacturer and supplier of evaporation, PVD coating and metalizing equipment continues to provide for industrial clients across the world. They are building vehicle lighting equipment. And they are preparing and building domestic use, commercial and industrial use lighting equipment too. Along with that, necessary parts and components continue to be kept in steady supply.

This is an important service requirement because as you all know, no matter how good or reputable the systems are, wear and even tear is inevitable through prolonged use. And logistical challenges are given short shrift in the sense that the service supplier is prepared to engage with clients from around the world as opposed to surrounding clients in just one central location. And this business also services major to small-scale retailers well with a ready supply of cosmetic and product packaging, as well as display items.

On the heavy industry side, vapor barrier protection is also being provided. And a welcome addition to this design, source, build and supply process is the preparation of equipment and devices related to solar/photovoltaics. The customer centric philosophy is to always be available to all clients, no matter what their personal or business background, no matter what their specializations are, and no matter where in the world they are located.

And let it be known that this availability is on 24-hour notice.